Sapiens Partners With SPLICE Software to Improve and Automate the Customer Communication Process

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Sapiens Partners With SPLICE Software to Improve and Automate the Customer Communication Process

Sapiens International Corporation, a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, announced it has entered into an agreement to partner with SPLICE Software (SPLICE), an insurtech company that specializes in using big and small data, and voice technologies, to drive customer engagement.

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SPLICE’s innovative technology provides a multi-pronged approach to customer communications. It enables insurance agents and personnel to respond in real-time to requests for information initiated by clients, through text message, web chat, social apps, and/or home assistant devices. Additionally, insurers can capture and manage customers’ permissions and preferences – enabling them to personalize, test and measure their messages.

Insurers are also able to send proactive communications throughout the customer lifecycle to make the experience as human as possible. SPLICE leverages its industry-leading, permission-based integrated solutions to design better customer experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and operational savings.

Sapiens and SPLICE Software have partnered to provide streamlined billing, claims, marketing, and customer experience communication solutions to insurers that are automated through Sapiens property & casualty, and life, pension & annuities platforms.

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The joint solution will offer clients quick-time-to-market communication solutions that:

  • Decrease the time and costs associated with the claims process
  • Increase the speed of payment on overdue accounts
  • Decrease inbound call volumes
  • Improve the overall customer experience

“This partnership will empower Sapiens’ clients to improve the timeliness, relevance, and trust associated with their communication efforts,” said Ori Sarid, a digital business development expert for Sapiens. “The Sapiens-SPLICE partnership makes it simple for clients to get set up and see significant results within 90 days.”