System Surveyor Expands Security System Design Platform with Customer-Driven Features

System Surveyor, Security System Design Platform, Customer-Driven Features, Customer Feedback
System Surveyor Expands Security System Design Platform with Customer-Driven Features

System Surveyor has upgraded its intelligent system design platform created to digitize and streamline the industry’s historically manual approach to site surveys and design. Driven by customer feedback, these upgrades include expanded product catalog capabilities and enhanced Google Earth functionality. Both updates augment the virtual, collaborative elements central to System Surveyor and used by security professionals, deemed “essential critical infrastructure workers” by the Department of Homeland Security.

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“Security professionals stand in the gap, and we designed these updates to improve their efforts to protect and maintain our critical infrastructure,” said Chris Hugman, CEO of System Surveyor. “Using System Surveyor, everyone involved in a project is literally collaborating from the same digital page, whether in person or online, to design and deliver higher-quality projects faster.”

Systems integrators, security hardware manufacturers, and other physical security professionals are increasingly using the System Surveyor platform, replacing outdated, paper-based methods or cumbersome CAD programs. The mobile, cloud-based application enables extended teams to collaborate in one system of record, from site survey, bidding, and design to product selection, deployment, and maintenance.

Manufacturers, in particular, seek to help their customers specify the best products in System Surveyor during initial system planning. To that end, System Surveyor has made it easier to choose products on the platform. Customers can now add their own product lists into the application’s Searchable Product Catalog. This includes up to 500 items per system type: video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire alarm, access control, healthcare, AV, and more. All system types are now included at no additional cost.

The ability to add precise products immediately improves accuracy and speeds up the design process. It can also provide a general budget estimate based on the devices added to the plan.   System Surveyor users such as integrators can make site walks more efficient or design remotely via web conference. Tablet in hand or online, they can collaborate visually with the customer, swiftly select the right products for each specific requirement, and instantly add them to the digital site survey to view together.

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In addition, users can now capture a Google Earth satellite image directly from the System Surveyor application and start designing in minutes. Integrators can save time during a site walk and spend more quality time with the customer. Sales teams can begin a system design more quickly and work with prospective clients using detailed satellite images. Whether in the field or online, clients can create more sales faster and prevent multiple trips to a customer site.

“System Surveyor enables our clients to take a more professional approach to system design, engage customers earlier in the process, and more accurately capture their expectations upfront,” said Hugman. “And during this era of limited personal contact and social distancing, System Surveyor’s collaborative capabilities help teams maintain continuity in their processes and provide a positive customer experience. In some cases, end-users are doing site walks themselves using System Surveyor and then working with their system integrator online.”