HighByte Joins the PTC Partner Network’s “Connected with Kepware” Program

HighByte Joins the PTC Partner Network's Connected with Kepware Program

The new collaboration aims to enable a seamless user experience for mutual customers and partners

HighByte®, an industrial software company, today announced the company has signed an agreement with PTC  to join the Connected with Kepware® Partner Program as a Connected Technology Partner. Offered through the PTC Partner Network, the “Connected with Kepware” partner program formally recognizes and nurtures partners focused on the strategic distribution and integration of Kepware products. HighByte entered into the agreement to cooperate in the marketing and promotion of the companies’ respective complementary products, HighByte Intelligence Hub from HighByte, and the ThingWorx® Kepware Server Enterprise Connectivity Platform and the industry leading KEPServerEX® industrial connectivity solution from PTC. In addition to being a part of the PTC Partner Network, HighByte can now evaluate new, mutually-beneficial business collaborations with PTC for product architecture, licensing, distribution, and sales.

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HighBytemarketingHub is the first DataOps solution purpose-built for industrial data. The software enables Operations Technology teams to securely connect, model, and flow valuable industrial data throughout the enterprise over open standards like OPC UA and MQTT. When combined with the broad connectivity and advanced plug-in functionality of KEPServerEX, manufacturers are able to achieve the connectivity, contextualization, and conditioning at the Edge that is foundational to Industry 4.0 success.

“The OPC UA standard is the de facto standard for connectivity on the plant floor and PTC, with its Kepware technology, is a leader in OPC server market,” said HighByte CEO Tony Paine. “HighByte and PTC provide a combined solution for Operations Technology teams to accelerate Industrial Transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 1.1, which released on July 21, 2020, has been tested with ThingWorx Kepware Server and KEPServerEX to validate technical compatibility.

Prior to founding HighByte in 2018, Paine began his industrial automation career at Kepware in 1996 and served as the company’s CEO from 2009 until its acquisition by PTC in 2016.

“Given the market alignment, technical fit, and our long history with the founding team, we’re pleased to welcome HighByte to the Connected with Kepware Partner Program,” said Adam Kennedy, VP of Global Kepware Sales, PTC. “There is a lot of potential here.”