Monday, August 19, 2019


Revolutionary, Digital Marketing, Trends

Revolutionary Digital Marketing Trends that can Shape 2020

As AR & VR become a norm, new digital communication tools will ensure, 2020 will see a revolution in digital marketing Digital strategies are about improving and innovating existing tactics. Once a trend is adopted...
Marketing Strategies, Commercially Savvy

Marketing Strategies Need to Retain Academic Roots While Becoming Commercially Savvy

Marketers need to learn insights from companies that have successfully worked with academics to manage the two-way knowledge transfer, adding non-research skills to the mix. The fundamentals of research are based on statistics, observation, surveys,...
Customer Experiences

Reliving Customer Experiences to Enhance Marketing

Consumers today expect brands to deliver exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey, from pre-purchase through post-purchase. Marketers need to reverse engineer the process of delivering customer experiences. ​​​​​​ As eCommerce and digital channels continue to evolve, so does...
AI, B2B Conversion

AI can Lead to B2B Conversion

B2B buyers demand personalized services and constant engagement through the purchase journey, AI-powered tools can come handy to meet these demands Between initial product researches, the point of purchase, there are several digital interactions that...
Data, Privacy

Zero Party Data for Privacy and Value

As compliances to ask for permissions and to use any kind of customer data increase, enterprises have introduced the term ‘Zero Party Data’ which is not to be confused with the first-party data. Understanding Zero...