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Jeff Winter appointed as CMO
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Contextual Advertising

Seven Best Practices for a Successful Contextual Advertising Campaign

Brands constantly strive to reach their target audience with engaging ad campaigns. So, how...
(CX) and (EX) are both equally important in driving customer loyalty.

Fueling Business Growth by Aligning Customer Experience with Employee Experience

“Disruption is becoming the norm, and because of this business processes must evolve. What...
customer centric strategies

Customer Centricity in Social Media: Building Stronger Connections.

https://youtu.be/H2BmVUiqfm8?si=44PB8JT0aQcx7r47 Listen to the video podcast discussion between Vladimer Botsvadze, a Global Marketing Thought Leader,...

Ensuring Website Uptime: Strategies to Prevent Downtime and Secure Your Online Presence

Maintaining an easily accessible website is a key component of any business in today's digital age. A well-designed website not only offers...
What Is Intelligent Marketing Automation

What Is Intelligent Marketing Automation

The evolution of AI and automation has birthed Intelligent automation, that is fast becoming critical to smart marketing strategies. Here is some insight on...
Processes, Technology, Disruptive Strategies, seasoned leader, organizational strategy, CMO

Taking Your People, Processes and Technology Along In Disruptive Strategies

A seasoned leader would ask, is there any other way? Yet many leaders hesitate to include all the three elements- the 2Ps and T, in...