Monday, August 19, 2019

About Us

Acing the Science of Marketing Technologies

As technology becomes the Strategic Differentiator in every business function, learn about the global insights of marketing leadership- how to leverage innovative marketing technologies that are rapidly acquiring the digital edge.

TalkCMO is a digital platform that creates conversations on Marketing Technology and Digital Transformation of the marketing function. Through active and interesting news, views and interviews with industry leaders, it will afford global exposure of the best Strategies and Innovations – paving a path for Smarter Marketing Decisions.

The Team


Kanika Goswami

Editor in Chief

Senior journalist with more than two decades in the media, and a deep understanding of enterprise technology content.

Kara Harrison

Kara Harrison


A strategist with over 15 years at the helm of business development and marketing, expert at creating strategic partnerships and alliances.

Sameer Datta

Sameer Datta


Worked for global brands for over 15 years, driving business development, operations, and global media sales and marketing teams.