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customer centric strategies

Customer Centricity in Social Media: Building Stronger Connections.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xifp-Qmzvs Listen to the video podcast discussion between Vladimer Botsvadze, a Global Marketing Thought Leader, and Kanika Goswami, Managing Editor of OnDot Media, which covers...
Automotive Technologies

The Way Forward For Automotive Technologies – With Women Leadership

https://youtu.be/xy9C-xEVgv4 Podcast Interview with Padma Sundaram, Former Director of Software at General Motors. Development teams need to craft smart strategies to reduce the gaps between software...
Podcast Interview with Ivan Ostojic, Chief Business Officer at InfoBip

CPaaS- The Future of Smart Customer Connect

https://youtu.be/oJtsY0GD86A Podcast Interview with Ivan Ostojic, Chief Business Officer at InfoBip. Delivering a consistent customer experience is essential for every business, and Communication Platforms as a...

Harnessing The Full Power Of Data

https://youtu.be/8H-ruqobyOc Podcast Interview with Duncan Ash, Global Industries and Vice President at Confluent. Cloud-native platforms are designed to unleash real-time data. It acts as a central nervous...
Mike Richters

Role of Digitization in Media Marketing

https://youtu.be/RDCKFb5CHKc Podcast Interview with Mike Richters, Agency Lead at KingsCom Mike has 20+ years of global experience in building brands. His is an interesting career journey...
Podcast Interview with Mariana Coganvideo

Marketing Leaders Driving More Value in 2022 and Beyond

Podcast Interview with Mariana Cogan, CMO at People.ai With the widespread impact of the pandemic on sales, growth, and outcomes, marketers now have a new...
Clare Dorrianvideo

Podcast Interview with SugarCRM’s Chief Marketing Officer, Clare Dorrian

As SugarCRM’s chief marketing officer, Clare Dorrian is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall integrated marketing strategy. She leads the customer marketing, revenue generation,...
Kirsten Allegri Williams-02video

Podcast Interview with Kirsten Allegri Williams-Chief Marketing Officer: Optimizely

Kirsten Allegri Williams is Chief Marketing Officer of Optimizely where she leads global marketing and communication strategy. Optimizely empowers growing companies to compete digitally with its Customer-Centric...
Scott Brinker VP Hubspotvideo

Podcast Interview With Scott Brinker -VP Platform Ecosystem: HubSpot

 As VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, Scott shapes the company's platform strategy and leads business programs for its global technology partner ecosystem. Before that,...
As CMO of Bango, Anil works closely with businesses that focus on driving user growth and maximizing monetization.video

Podcast Interview With Anil Malhotra- CMO: Bango

 As CMO of Bango, Anil works closely with businesses that focus on driving user growth and maximizing monetization. His role is to champion the...

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