RevJet Announces Updated Ad Creative Builder for Social and Native Advertising Platforms

RevJet, Ad, Native Advertising

RevJet, the only platform that simplifies digital ad experience management for Fortune 500 marketers, announced the launch of their new Creative Builder for Social and Native advertising platforms. RevJet’s Creative Builder enables marketers to build once and deliver into numerous top platforms, saving valuable time and resources. RevJet has made it simple to maintain consistency in messaging across Facebook, Twitter, Taboola, Outbrain, Verizon Media / Yahoo Gemini, and more. Marketers now have a unified platform to update and report on a single creative across social and native publishers.

“Our new Creative Builder eliminates tedious tasks, allowing marketers to focus on delivering ad experiences that resonate and provide value to customers,” said Craig Zeldin, RevJet Chief Product Officer. “We see brands struggle to work efficiently in siloed platforms. Our new Creative Builder makes cross-channel and cross-platform creative management seamless.”

The Creative Builder works seamlessly with RevJet’s social and native connector apps allowing marketers to instantly manage the strategy, creation, publishing, and analytics for multiple Social and Native creative formats across platforms. In addition, not only can marketers run experiments to find the most effective social and native ads across different platforms, but they can also experiment to find the most effective ad unit within a particular platform (e.g., how does a Facebook Carousel ad compare to a standard Facebook ad?).

RevJet Creative Builder Features:

  • Intuitive interface to easily build and report on social and native creative units across platforms
  • Share or tailor messages, by platform, with a single click
  • Preview creative in every platform before running
  • Easily modify and add more creative units – all from a single UI
  • Run videos in native ads, wherever possible
  • Experiment within and across social and native platforms