CoreMedia Announces CoreMedia Content Cloud – Commerce B2B Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace


CoreMedia announced it has launched CoreMedia Content Cloud – Commerce B2B Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling businesses to create iconic B2B commerce experiences across all channels and devices by leveraging CoreMedia Content Cloud’s powerful, easy omnichannel content creation and experience orchestration tools. CoreMedia helps B2B companies conquer the complexity of online sales and deliver visually engaging, omnichannel experiences that include product-related storytelling and shoppable rich media.

B2B commerce experiences that match, or even surpass, B2C

Today’s B2B buyers expect a digital experience that both supports their contractual agreements with the supplier, yet also provides the ability to research, educate, and efficiently transact.  And to aid these purchase decisions with their suppliers, these same buyers crave informative digital content and visually engaging media – in fact, they expect it.

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The CoreMedia Content Cloud – Commerce B2B Connector allows customers to centrally manage their omnichannel content and digital assets in CoreMedia Content Cloud to re-use them in Salesforce Commerce Cloud – ensuring brand and messaging consistency across all channels, including websites, mobile apps, email newsletters and push notifications. Users can enhance their B2B product catalog with media-rich content and assets, then publish these enriched shopping experiences on their homepage, all category and product detail pages, and more. CoreMedia’s robust Java-based platform and mature, open APIs allow them to create commerce-driven B2B experiences that match great consumer shopping experiences – then distribute them on a global scale with the speed and flexibility needed to become a truly iconic brand.

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Key differentiators include:

  • Flexible Content Management – Organize branded content and rich media centrally in a single, headless repository for reuse on any channel or device.
  • Complete Experience Control – Access content and data from any source to create and preview personalized experiences from a single web-based UI.
  • Omni-Channel Content Delivery – Deliver content and assets easily for a unified and consistent experience across channels.
  •  Expand eCommerce and Marketing Systems – efficiently blend content with commerce for fast distribution across any digital channel via our Integration Hubs – with pre-built connectors for all major eCommerce platforms (including Salesforce Commerce Cloud) as well as marketing platforms (including Salesforce Marketing Cloud).

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“CoreMedia Content Cloud is a great CMS alternative to closed digital experience suites and incomplete headless content management platforms,” said Sören Stamer, CoreMedia Co-Founder, and CEO. “Our AppExchange connector allows B2B brands to react to market trends instantly, stay ahead of the competition and become instantly recognizable iconic brands.”