B2B Social Media Marketing – Not the Same Anymore

    Social Media Marketing, B2B

    Social media no longer means having an up-to-date LinkedIn page. Savvy B2B marketers are increasingly expanding their social circles and connecting with audiences where they want to engage.

    According to a recent report, over 50% of CMOs plan to increase investments in social media management software. It is essential to have constant contact, which requires having a mix of social channels, is crucial.

    Experts have observed that there is a large number of fleeing audiences on social media. This means that the target audience jumps from social channels, which makes it essential for marketers to have their attention and investment across all the channels to keep them engaged.

    The way people interact on social networking sites with the brands has evolved over time. Till a few years ago, conversations occurred directly on social platforms. But now, people choose direct messaging with comments and questions, instead.

    Experts have also observed a lot more lurkers and people who are searching for content than the ones looking for the product. These are the people who are not inclined to engage publicly via the social channel but send messages via Facebook Messenger. Having conversation through direct message gets the details taken out of the public eye.\

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    Keeping the issues apart, social content actually helps with lead nurturing and increasing engagement at live events. It is crucial to building a social audience by sharing thought leadership and ideas through LinkedIn and Quora as these networks allow targeting interests by topic.

    LinkedIn is generally considered as a preferred platform for B2B marketing, but experts argue that it is not the same for all industries. B2B social engagement is different for, for example, restaurant or hotel management platforms.

    Since restaurateurs are on the restaurant floor all day and not on their desk, LinkedIn is not the place to find them. Facebook and Instagram have proven to perform better for B2B engagement for industries like travel and hospitality.

    RoI for B2B on social networking sites is measured through the success of a campaign. For many marketers, successful social media marketing is when there are a lot of impressions even if not a lot of audiences take action at that moment.

    Increased engagement is also a way to measure the RoI of social networking engagement. Existing customers are a great source of referrals for companies. Social media engagement allows connecting with them and even encouraging them to talk about the brand.

    With social marketing, when it comes to organic impressions, it is necessary to ‘feel’ the results as they are very less tangible, compared to paid marketing efforts.

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