The integrated SIRL/FPR solution enables shoppers to use their smartphones to scan items while they are shopping. They can then pay on their phone, skip the lines at checkout and leave the store. With SIRL’s indoor GPS and Customer Analytics platform for brick-and-mortar retailers, the shopper experience gets even better as they are guided to each item on their list by a Google Maps-like interface and receive curated recommendations based on their need state (what they have scanned, where they are, and which products are nearby).

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The recommendations also drive incremental sales based not only on past purchases but also on the emotional discovery of products the shopper had not planned to buy. Retailers gain shoppers while increasing transaction sizes and shopping frequency.

SIRL helps retailers activate and measure consumer engagement and behavior in physical stores using our proprietary indoor GPS technology. For the first time, we are able to accurately activate and track customer interactions in physical stores AND give retailers access to path-to-purchase analytics only previously available in e-commerce.

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“Amazon generates 35% of its sales through recommendations,” says Di Di Chan, President of FutureProof Retail. “The integration of FutureProof Retail’s self-scanning checkout solution with SIRL provides retailers with the same revenue potential in-store.”

“FutureProof Retail’s self-scanning app provides customers the same convenience in-store that they experience online,” says Michael Wang, CEO of SIRL. “We are adding real-time activation and measurement of consumer behavior and engagement at every step throughout the shopping trip in physical stores using our proprietary indoor GPS technology.”

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