Technology-Based Marketing Tactics to Use In 2020

Marketing Technology

Marketing trends are evolving and have witnessed a shift in buying preferences, streamlined processes, and more. According to a recent survey by Chief Marketer, marketers are planning to increase their budget for tech-fueled marketing in 2020. One of the most popular tactics that businesses are planning to implement in their strategy is incorporating tools provided with automation since marketers seek for digitized tools and practices. It helps in the process of optimization and measurement of online roles.

Similarly, marketers prefer using Big Data to push decision-making, as data-driven insights are preferred over assumptions. Big data is a vital part of data-driven marketing strategies. Migrating to the cloud and cloud-based offerings benefit marketers to accelerate strategies with the help of social listening. It helps businesses recognize the value of the marketing campaigns they run. A cloud ERP is another essential tool to augment business and communication.