ExecVision Launches Smart Alerts, AI-Powered Notifications that Auto-Surface Coachable Moments in Customer Conversations


ExecVision, the only conversation intelligence platform that helps organizations close the Insights-to-Performance Gap, announced the release of Smart Alerts, automatic notifications that alert users to coachable moments in customer-facing conversations. This new capability brings unparalleled visibility into rep performance, allowing managers to understand their team’s behavior trends and implement initiatives to mitigate risks in order to maximize revenue attainment, replicate top-performer behavior, and ensure compliance in customer-facing communications.

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Smart Alerts are customizable to individual client needs, and can be triggered by conversations containing specific sales motions, keywords and/or topics; users, accounts, or opportunities; designated values in CRM fields, such as disposition; or outlying values for the talk: listen ratios, interchanges, and/or call durations. They can be sent in real-time or after a trend measurement has been met, such as count, average or percentage, and are delivered to customers’ email or ExecVision Inbox.

“Smart Alerts functionality solves the problem of having an overwhelming amount of conversations that need to be sifted through in order to uncover coachable moments, and allows our customers to leverage these incredible assets efficiently and effectively to impact business performance,” said David Stillman, CEO, and Co-Founder of ExecVision. He continued, “This new capability, along with our platform’s track record of facilitating behavior change through science-based coaching, positions ExecVision well for organizations looking for more than just insights.”

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Smart Alerts are just one part of the greater mission of ExecVision: creating more top performers, cutting onboarding and ramp times in half, reducing attrition rates, and decreasing cancellations. ExecVision has helped thousands of people have better conversations with prospects and customers leading to increased revenue and higher rep retention.