Streann Introduces TV 3.0 platform for Media & Entertainment, Powered by AWS


Streann Media, a content platform company that’s recently joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), is excited to announce the launch of TV 3.0, a new generation of video technology developed using AWS. This innovative platform is set to transform the digital content landscape, enhancing how content is curated, distributed, and monetized. TV 3.0 opens new doors for creators and media companies globally, leveraging the power of AWS to bring advanced features to the forefront of digital media.

Next-Level Content Curation and Distribution

Streann’s TV 3.0 platform, developed using AWS, introduces a range of innovative features designed to redefine content curation:

  • Facial Recognition Technology: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, TV 3.0 enhances content security and personalization, designed to provide a safer, more tailored user experience.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) for Content Curation: Using Amazon Rekognition, TV 3.0 delivers enhanced content integrity, safely removing inappropriate content so that creators can more effectively reach their audience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Inspired by popular social media trends, the platform’s vertical scrolling feature ensures a smooth and intuitive content navigation experience.

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Innovations in Content Monetization

TV 3.0 also offers novel ways for content creators to enhance their revenue streams:

  • Data-Driven Advertising: Leveraging programmatic ads, the platform enables creators to significantly boost revenue through targeted and relevant advertising.
  • Interactive Brand Filters: Similar to popular social media filters, these interactive elements enhance user engagement and open new avenues for brand collaborations.
  • Diverse Filter Options: Offering a range of filters, TV 3.0 encourages creative expression and offers additional avenues for monetization.

Streann’s recent achievements, including the success of the Panam Sports Channel and the USPTO patent for innovative advertising technology, underscore the company’s commitment to revolutionizing digital content. The incorporation of AWS services plays a pivotal role in realizing Streann’s vision of connecting hearts and screens globally.

A Vision for the Future

Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media, shared his enthusiasm: “Streann Media’s use of AWS technology is empowering individuals to become the next big players in content creation, akin to TikTok. Our new TV 3.0 platform is designed to enable creators to unleash their creativity, engage with audiences, and generate revenue in ways they never thought possible.”

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