Customer Journey – Marketers Believes an Advanced CX Strategy is Crucial

    Customer Journey – Marketers Believes an Advanced CX Strategy is Crucial

    Amid ongoing marketing experimentation, customer experience for businesses crucial like never before.

    With the widespread market uncertainty, what makes bigger organizations more effective is
    their ability to manage customer journeys and enhance their buying experiences. With more marketers looking to resonate with their customers and prospects, a recent research study showed that – the marketers who are seeing positive outcomes, strive to develop their customer experience (CX).

    Enterprise Digital Transformation Efforts for Enriched Employee and Customer Experience

    Pointillist has published its latest report, “2020 State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement”. It is focussed on CX management and measuring outcomes across
    businesses. As per the statistics, most marketers, about 79%, consider that a journey-based strategy is “very important” or “extremely important” for their company’s success.

    Among the marketers who are aligned with a customer-centric approach and related
    positive impact, nearly 94% indicated that they found opportunities to improve CX. Hence,
    around 92% reported they are putting teams on the most vital goals and metrics – as these are the primary signals that will help in business continuity.

    As a result, sales and after-sales roles are growing in importance. Many companies have
    already started with teams dedicated only to customer journey management and journey
    analytics. According to the report, “As customer demands and goals evolve rapidly,
    customer-centric leaders are prioritizing investments in customer analytics and insights to
    meet their expectations and succeed in a highly competitive environment.”

    Leveraging AI-Powered Visual Search for Enriched Customer Experience

    The journey management tactic is crucial in filling the existing gaps in CX. The high-
    performing teams execute it into 6.4 different areas of CX (on average), while other groups
    keep this practice in around 4.6 different ways. Thus, they are more likely to efficiently
    integrate data, analyze consumer behavior, and engage audiences across various channels.

    As mentioned in the report, “Effectively integrating, analyzing, and acting on journey data is the foundation of a successful customer journey management program. Leveraging a
    journey-based approach enables high performers to become more effective in three major areas of CX: data integration, journey analysis, and orchestration. High performers are 7 to 8 times more likely to be effective at integrating data into a single view of the customer, analyzing customer interactions across channels, and engaging customers with personalized cross-channel experiences.”

    Customer Experience Enhancement Is the Key to Business Success

    Clearly, in these trying times, marketers need to adjust strategies as per the customer needs and their behavior shifts. Leading brands are leveraging and prioritizing a journey-based approach in different ways – to acquire, serve, and retain customers better.