Earnix Enhances the Machine Learning, Automation and Personalization Capabilities of its Solution with New Robust Features

Earnix Enhances

This is a milestone in Earnix’s continuous product improvements that helps insurers and banks to provide faster and smarter personalized product offerings to consumers

Today, Earnix, a leading provider of advanced rating, pricing and product personalization solutions for insurers and banks, announced significant enhancements to its analytical, automation and personalization capabilities. This is a culmination of continuous innovation, aimed at empowering insurers and banks to meet consumers’ needs with personalized rates, prices and product offerings in a way that is faster and smarter.

“Business Velocity has become the market imperative. We are continuously enhancing the way we leverage AI, machine learning and analytics to account for consumers’ changing financial circumstances in real-time. With our continued product innovation, insurers and banks can employ smarter analytics across business lines and products faster, while maintaining full governance and compliance.” said Udi Ziv, CEO at Earnix.

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“We are consistently evolving the ways we integrate risk assessment and customer demand, evaluate alternative pricing decisions and execute on a pricing strategy that can achieve both our clients’ business objectives and meet the consumer needs,” said Yaron Lavie, Vice President of Products.

Insurers and banks can now deploy the newest versions of machine learning models, empowering them to better analyze, use and deploy various pricing strategies in a personalized manner. Earnix’s improvements in pricing techniques provide a necessary mechanism for insurers and banks to respond to the accelerating market changes in an automated manner, thus enabling a faster price and rate-execution timed with consumer preferences and needs.

These upgrades are supported by improved personalization capabilities providing a better consumer-centric product offering through any customer touchpoint. These enhancements will also facilitate a more efficient collaboration between data scientists and business users.

Now, insurers and banks can leverage the increased adaptability of Earnix’s solution, giving consumers a more robust selection of personalized products and bundles tailored to their financial circumstances.