Globaledit Announces the Release of AI and 3D Capabilities for Creative / Marketing Workflows

Globaledit Announces the Release of AI and 3D Capabilities for Creative / Marketing Workflows

Globaledit, the leading creative production platform that empowers teams to intuitively connect, collaborate, and accelerate their creative production workflow, is proud to announce the launch of two pivotal features supporting the brand’s 2023 product vision. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer success, Globaledit introduces AI-based image recognition and tagging and 3D asset management to its comprehensive suite of platform capabilities.

Building upon the successful launch of its entirely redesigned platform infrastructure last year, Globaledit has fortified its ability to rapidly develop and deploy cutting-edge features that cater to the evolving needs of its customers and adapt to emerging market trends. Through the first half of 2023, the company focused on quality improvements, streamlined search, and collaboration functionality, and hardening the platform to meet the speed and scale required by our customers.

As the platform embarks on the next phase of the product roadmap, Globaledit is reshaping the way teams work together. With the release of Smart Tags, AI-based image recognition functionality, all assets uploaded into Globaledit are automatically tagged with relevant and accurate contextual and descriptive metadata upon ingestion. By harnessing emerging AI technology, Gobaledit empowers creative and marketing users to intuitively manage, search, and share content while enabling organizations to enhance their data image and minimize manual overhead. Smart Tags streamline the creative production process, freeing up valuable time for teams to focus on what they do best. “Leveraging AI to unlock time for creative teams has been the focus of this development,” says Mathieu Champigny, CEO of Globaledit.

In addition to Smart Tags, this major release unveils a pivotal feature for creative teams embracing the future of commerce and media: 3D asset management. Rendering 3D content enables Globaledit to broaden its platform capabilities beyond traditional photography and video assets, offering seamless support for the next evolution of content. Users can now upload and manage gigabyte-scale 3D content within their browser, empowering brands to explore new omnichannel programs and enabling a wider range of teams to leverage Globaledit for their content production workflow. 

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“At Globaledit, we are committed to serving our remarkable customers by innovating alongside them and delivering the best possible product,” said Globaledit CEO Mathieu Champigny.” Our new Smart Tags and 3D capabilities truly exemplify this commitment, enabling teams to revolutionize their creative production process and stay at the forefront of industry trends.”

Smart Tag and 3D capabilities are fully available to all Globaledit users. 

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