VideoAmp Integrates with Meta’s Lift API to Fine-tune Advertising Effectiveness

VideoAmp Integrates with Meta’s Lift API to Fine-tune Advertising Effectiveness

VideoAmp’s integration with Meta will now include lift measurement, enabling advertisers to assess the incremental impact of Facebook and Instagram ads on driving tune-in to TV content using randomized controlled trials (RCT) to determine conversion lift.

The offering caters to Entertainment brands that are looking to deterministically quantify the impact of Meta properties, like Facebook and Instagram, on driving viewer tune-in. The insights gleaned may be used to inform audience and tactical optimizations for future campaigns as a complementary solution to VideoAmp’s cross-platform attribution measurement and premium video planning capabilities. These capabilities help enable clients to measure, plan, and optimize across Meta properties alongside their linear TV, streaming, and digital investments.

Combining Meta’s RCT tests with VideoAmp’s industry-leading dataset and measurement solutions, VideoAmp clients will now have access to more accurate and actionable lift insights. Meta’s RCT tests are designed to establish true causality by controlling for outside variables and ensuring that users within the advertiser’s target audience are randomly assigned into test and control groups, where only the test group is eligible to receive an ad.

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our integration with Meta. Entertainment brands spend a lot of money trying to drive viewership of their content and we are happy to bring them a closed-loop solution that enables them to more accurately measure the incremental impact of their investments on Meta properties. With this integration, and the use of Meta’s Conversion Lift Study, VideoAmp clients will be able to better understand the causal impact of an ad,” said JP Pereira, SVP, Solutions Specialist at VideoAmp.

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VideoAmp Lift Study Insights include:

  • Tune-In Lift driven by Facebook and Instagram Campaigns
  • Cost per Incremental Tune-In
  • Tune-In Lift by Audience Segment

VideoAmp’s advertising platform ​​consolidates existing services and fragmented software tools into a single offering. As a single application that connects media buyers, media sellers and their technology and service providers, its suite of capabilities is designed to power advertising workflows most effectively. With VideoAmp’s currency-grade data and solutions, clients are able to tap into advanced audiences and real-time insights to plan, optimize and measure reach and frequency across screens.

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