AdTheorent, Inc., a digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers, announced the launch of Destination 360°, a new offering created for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs).  AdTheorent’s machine learning-powered solution is a first-to-market product designed to drive and measure visitation to a destination as well as in-market transactions within that destination.

To identify and reach consumers who are most likely to visit and transact in a destination, AdTheorent’s data science team builds and deploys custom machine, learning models. In addition to the custom models, AdTheorent also uses a blend of transaction-based tourism audiences based on anonymized third party spend data (frequent air or leisure travelers, hotel spenders, etc.) and brand-specific parameters (past travelers, travelers on popular flight routes, etc.) as well as geo-location targeting parameters. From there, AdTheorent’s predictive targeting adds precision and drives results by reaching consumers within that intended audience who are most likely to visit the destination.  To determine the campaign impact on destination visitation, AdTheorent conducts a Visitation Measurement Study.  In addition, utilizing $3T of anonymized purchase data, AdTheorent is able to measure the campaign impact on in-market visitor spend by categories, such as retail, travel, restaurants, and entertainment.

“The proliferation of data signals coupled with advancements in machine learning technology have enabled AdTheorent to build technology, products, and solutions which move beyond traditional advertising KPIs to KPIs centered around specific business outcomes for brands, such as visitation,” said Jim Lawson, CEO of AdTheorent. “Destination 360° is a breakthrough offering for DMO’s because, for the first time, in addition to tying advertising investment back to visitation, AdTheorent can measure in-market transactions that occur due to ad exposure.  This provides a much more comprehensive view of a given campaign’s impact on a destination.”