Avnio Launches New Solution Enabling Businesses to Supercharge Salesforce Data

Avnio Launches New Solution Enabling Businesses to Supercharge Salesforce Data

Avnio, the leading provider of RFP response and automation software, has today announced Tables, a new cloud-based tool enabling users to see and manage their RFP data more effectively through Salesforce.

Available immediately to businesses worldwide, Tables will further widen the company’s Accelerator Suite of products – including Avnio RFx and Avnio Assistant – a unique set of Salesforce-native solutions designed to reduce the time spent on RFP responses by up to 75 percent and help sales teams win more business.

Tables use case spans the entire business and meets the demand from marketing, sales, service, operations, and admin teams looking to overcome the inefficiencies in updating, changing, and viewing Salesforce data in a single location.

With Avnio Tables, users can move away from exporting and managing their Salesforce data offline, and towards an automated solution that enables them to stay in the Salesforce UI and easily configure and visualise data in grids and charts.

This presents a single view to manage all the data they need on one screen, across multiple objects, with only the fields and records that are relevant for the task at hand.

Key features of Avnio Tables, include:

  • 100 percent Salesforce-native. Avnio Tables has been built, managed and delivered on Salesforce Lightning, making it simple and easy for customers to configure
  • Powerful performance. Built as a Salesforce Lightning component, Tables provides a more immersive and interactive experience compared to other solutions that use Visualforce
  • Role-specific capabilities. With consolidated hubs that are role specific, Avnio Tables has built-in tools specific to marketing, sales, service, operations and admin roles
  • Device agnostic. Tables has been designed to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, including support for Communities and mobile
  • Speed of integration. As a Salesforce-native and cloud-based solution, organisations can easily build and implement Tables in just seconds

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Key benefits of Avnio Tables, include:

  • Increased productivity. With its intuitive Salesforce-native experience and automation capabilities, Tables enables users to bring their data to life by reducing clicks, simplifying navigation, and combining data across multiple objects into a single Table view
  • Driven insights. Avnio Tables enables users to make their data do more, by visualising data and generating real business insights. Users can also supercharge their analysis and gain real-time business insight with the latest data
  • Actionable data. Users can easily create actions with data, whether it is with inline editing, mass updates, bulk actions or even adding their own custom actions. It streamlines complex reporting processes, and helps users get the analytics they need in a single, organised and actionable view

“With the pandemic propelling many organisations across the globe into remote working scenarios, it has revealed many cracks in the way businesses manage their RFP and response process, as well as the entire business workflow,” said Tobias Dawes, co-founder and CEO at Avnio.

“Building Avnio during the pandemic has given me a greater understanding of how important it is to remove workflow inefficiencies across the business. Tables is a significant development in our product portfolio for our customers, offering them a powerful set of features that enable them to increase productivity, actions and data visualisation across the organisation.”

Tables by Avnio is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange and is free for non-profit organisations. Avnio internet software providers (ISVs) and partners will also benefit from special pricing.

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