Leveraging Technology to Foster Emotional Connections with Customers


    While organizations have historically employed a variety of techniques to forge an emotional connection with consumers, they need also take into account newer concepts like customer experience, the customer journey, and advanced technology like CPaaS and AI.

    Many businesses lack a strategic goal that spans the customer journey, and some brands are unable to differentiate between the interactions that provide the best opportunities to create emotional connections and foster brand loyalty. In general, there are two different ways that customers and businesses connect. The first is more transactional; a person inquires about their account balance or the tracking status of their package. These tasks are often completed via AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots, which do not inspire much brand loyalty. Customers, especially in this day and age, prefer greater convenience and speed. Similarly, even brief encounters with customers can develop into deep, emotional connections with them over time.

    The second kind, which has a significantly greater impact on brand loyalty, deals with complex or Omni channel transactions, which entail numerous interactions across various channels. Customers that participate in an Omni channel experience are more emotionally connected, which ultimately increases business profitability. Brands must offer meaningful emotional connections throughout the customer journey, whether the company is in finance, insurance, or retail, for the best possible customer experience. Finally, when the consumer has completed the journey, they are a loyal customer and a brand advocate.

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    Improved Customer Service with Data

    Businesses need to understand what makes customers connect with them emotionally. Businesses must ascertain why consumers choose to purchase their services or products. Data is crucial to finding the problems and pain areas of customers. Businesses can use big data analytics powered by AI to identify the emotional demands of their target audience and modify the customer experience accordingly.

    Data enables businesses to provide more unique and personalized interactions with their consumers, such as communicating through their preferred channel, which strengthens the emotional connection and makes the customer feel valued.

    Additionally, avoiding data silos enables businesses to improve customer satisfaction.

    Customers don’t have to repeat their questions because of the seamless handoffs between agents and departments made possible by data, which links the customer experience. Consider a mortgage company that uses data to assist customers with filling an application; whenever a customer calls, the agent can pick up where they left off on the previous call.

    Customer Experience and CPaaS

    Most people often picture marketing campaigns that deliver compelling, touching, or nostalgic stories when they think of emotional connections. However, there are many opportunities to forge strong emotional connections between brands and the people they with great customer experience. CPaaS is one modern communication tool that can enhance customer-brand relationships, even when they don’t take place face-to-face.

    Low-code, pre-packaged applications that require little development are offered by a number of top CPaaS platforms. Businesses can enable sophisticated communication workflows and integrations that promote additional opportunities for meaningful relationships by using these snap-in enterprise-grade applications.

    Additionally, the majority of top CPaaS options include AI-powered automation, offering companies the ability to ensure 24/7 communication, offer intelligent call routing based on NLP, and create more personalized experiences. The automation capabilities offered by CPaaS solutions are just as crucial as having data that is not in silos. For example, a customer contacts a company, but all live agents are busy. By automating self-service alternatives that let the caller speak to a bot that will gather crucial information until an agent is available, the business can avert disaster in such a case.

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    Linking Services and Products with Resolutions

    Soon, consumers will start to relate a company to the resolution it offers. Also, consumers could even grow to associate a specific name brand with the item itself. Businesses must work to make all customer interactions satisfying so that, over time, customers will form emotional connections with the company. Every interaction on the consumer journey, even for businesses that provide simple services and products, must support the creation of a lasting emotional connection.

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