Really Simple Systems CRM Launches VoIP Telephony Integration

Really Simple Systems , CRM , VoIP Telephony Integration

Leading cloud CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has announced the release of a VoIP integration development for its software. This is the fourth CRM enhancement released by the company in the last month and more are planned to follow.

The VoIP integration enables incoming calls to be automatically matched to a client’s CRM records, displaying the appropriate Contact or Account record to the call operator. This gives immediate visibility of the caller’s details and their account history.

The CRM integration is compatible with most VoIP software and is easily configured using a URL link to connect the two systems.

Really Simple Systems CEO, John Paterson commented, “Traditionally it has been difficult to integrate VoIP systems with cloud applications, but the new generation of VoIP software is now built with cloud in mind.”

The integration works when an incoming telephone call is received, presenting a string of numbers, with no spaces, to the CRM. The system then searches the CRM across all the telephone fields to find a match. When a match is found it displays the relevant screen to the user.

Paterson continues, “At Really Simple Systems we are committed to using technology to help our customers become to be more agile and productive. Our ethos is about taking complex applications and making them simple and affordable and this new VoIP integration does just that.”

CRM VoIP telephony integration is included as standard in the company’s Professional and Enterprise plans.