B2B Human Experience (Hx): Future of Customer Experience (Cx)

    Customer Experience

    Customer-focused businesses must provide a seamless experience that is persona-led, data-driven, and connected to the customer journey, in order to build a strong brand.

    Tracking of customer experience by the brand emphasizes solely the activities such as brand interaction, website browsing, store visiting, connecting with the customer support team, and using products. Even after tracking this process, this approach often fails to learn how brands fit into the larger context of a customer’s life, as it misses unmet requirements that might be outside of those tracking. Therefore, not all customer experience tracking succeeds in providing much insight beyond what the teams already know about.

    A shift toward human experience into the human context in which brand experiences are embedded.

    Serving customers with human-touch experiences uses immersive methods to understand not only moments of brand communication, but also the life context in which those moments happen.

    It is important for the brand to connect the users with a human approach to enhance customer experience via human experience. Below are some tips to align human experience with customer experience-

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    Human-like stories. Either it’s a story of success or failure. They find it more connected and real. Although that might seem more intuitive to emphasize features and industry jargon, storytelling is an effective way to build a human connection with potential customers. The storytelling will serve customers with human experience. Business customers, in respective, already know enough about the great things a product but what they actually want to know is how it can be a life savior for them and how it can make their life better. Sharing compelling stories that tell buyers how existing customers have achieved their goals and how they were satisfied with the customer experience. Doing this will grab the attention of potential customers quickly.


    Buyers always want to learn how reliable and how trustable a brand is. Therefore, they love to invest emotional and financial assets in relationships. It is important for the brands to be authentic, by not cheating with fake reviews or fake data about the company. Using real case studies, in which brands can showcase how they have helped for their clients to solve business problems, and overcome challenges they faced. This way brands can enhance customer the value of their offering with relatable experience.

    Social Media

    In the past few years, social media has become a popular platform to serve customers with great experiences. Even today, social media has its own personality that engages customers with the brand efficiently. The companies can use social media strategies that focus on highlighting the brand value system, giving customers an opportunity to get to know the real mind behind the product. Information like behind the scenes, product reviews, interaction with the brains behind a product, product evolution, etc., are some ways to share human experience with the customers. These posts connect customers with the brands and enhance customer experience.

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    Branded Communications

    The main thing that a brand must understand is that when it comes to human experience, brand marketing should not be only about focusing on the product sale. It is important for brands to search for new ways to humanize the customer experience of the brand. Working on the types of businesses that can use the product or service of the brand and crafting content to build their interest in different ways, will represent a human -touched experience.

    Brands can make sure that unsatisfied customers are contacted right away and the issue is resolved at the earliest.

    It is also a smart strategy to promote the business on all social media platforms by using a completely automated response mechanism for both promoters and critics.

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