Keeping Customer Experience Programs Agile with CXaaS

    Keeping Customer Experience Programs Agile with CXaaS

    CX-as-a-Service (CXaaS) provides a flexible approach to customer experience without placing a heavy burden on IT or straining budgets beyond what’s allocated.

    Quite often, a top-grade customer experience (CX) comes with high costs and significant compromise. Progressive firms are now creating innovative, flexible customer experiences at scale and budget with speed.

    A Customer Experience-as-a-Service (CXaaS) approach combines CX strategy, data integration, automation, and employee expertise to develop and expand customer-centric initiatives rapidly. CXaaS enables organizations to deliver the CX strategy they want with the speed and efficiency the customers expect without breaking the bank.

    Enhancing Customer Experience

    CXaaS delivers excellent experiences with great applications and the personalised connection with customers who appreciate being seen and heard, treated with personalized care. Developing a CX roadmap for a smooth customer experience reduces costs and improves efficiency. It creates a secure foundation based on data that makes it easier for marketers to understand what customers need, and how they behave when interacting with a brand.

    Cloud economics is a powerful facet of CXaaS, as the software can be implemented quickly and scaled as organizations expand or contract. It reduces the risk from technology investments by replacing giant technology infrastructure with a flexible cloud-based platform. Services can be dialed up or down depending on the need, with a blend of optimization, automation, analytics, and continuous improvement.

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    Throughout the CX marketplace, companies enter partnerships to enable a cloud-based suite of CX services based on customer outcomes, not internal effort. Working with like-minded brands offers a flexible approach across the customer journey & eliminates the IT burden, focusing on business owners in marketing and sales.

    CXaaS reimagines how a customer experience should be created, delivered, and paid for. It is the backbone and the launch pad of true digital transformation around the customer that produces ROI. It integrates applications that listen in for keywords and capture sentiment while seamlessly integrating with internal applications to support effective resolution, selling, or technical support instantaneously. It empowers companies to focus on initiatives that enable customer self-service, automated chatbots, proactive notifications, and improve customer interactions & customer experience.

    Bringing it all in With a CXaaS System

    With CXaaS, IT lines up with the business and the CX partners to continually improve all aspects of the customer experience that build on one another. When gains are realized, cost savings from each incremental improvement can be invested in further optimization.

    It is essential to harness data from a primary platform while also harnessing data from other software services that a customer or client is interacting with. It can then be unified into a single data set that sends actionable intel to management, making reporting exponentially more effective. Another great advantage of the CXaaS system is its ability to combine forces and integrate applications using APIs.

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    Critical components in CXaaS include personalizing services, creative omnichannel experiences, cloud computing, and online engagement. But it needs to come full circle to provide businesses with operational intelligence through a full-scale CXaaS system.