Good Behavioral Data for AI-powered Marketing Journey

    Good Behavioral Data for AI-powered Marketing Journey

    Bad data can create undesired results for organizations trying to improve customer experience. Research points to behavioural data for better AI-driven marketing operations

    Enterprises embraced digital transformation as it was a necessary action to increase ROI and step out of the pandemic-led recession. The management teams worldwide were burdened with the task of keeping up with technological innovations and trends that hit the market and recognize the necessary investments to stay ahead of competitors.

    Among the many technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important technology for better customer experiences. According to experts, several organizations are utilizing AI-enabled solutions to gather quality data that can improve buyer experiences. Behavioral data is one of the crucial data sets for AI-powered marketing strategies.

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    Behavioral data helps B2B companies to focus on buyer preferences, purchasing intent for maximum outreach, and understand the buyer journey. Companies are utilizing behavioral data to fuel their AI-enabled solutions as well. Experts reckon that the data can solve less complicated problems. It can also make recommendations for marketers by leveraging AI-enabled solutions that use behavioral data for enhancement.

    A Forrester report, “Cast A Wide Behavioral Data Net To Fuel AI-Powered B2B Marketing,” also confirms the transforming marketing landscape with AI solutions and how behavioral data has enhanced this new form of marketing. Technological analysts claim that such solid data sets can also improve operational efficiency apart from marketing strategies.

    Despite the advantages of behavioral data, some organizations are unable to either inform or optimize their AI solution. The report reveals that 32 percent of marketers worldwide claim bad data to be the reason for ineffectiveness. The crucial factor of the success of behavioral data is the quality of first-party data. Data management is a critical task, and if not done well, bad data is only going to create chaos in AI solutions. Experts suggest some strategies to overhaul behavioral data for better efficiency.

    Apart from intent data, companies can create assigned data with which AI tools record demographic data sets. Then, organizations can be informed about buyer preferences and their demands to create a personalized experience. Another strategy is for companies to work with observed data. Customer actions and interactions on the company website are recorded. Analyzing such behavioral statements can better marketing efficiency as AI will provide good recommendations with observed data.

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    While company behavior data helps with AI marketing, third-party behavior data is also a huge contributor to holistic data strategies. Experts believe that AI solutions must cast a network as big as possible. The Forrester research states that AI can also track uncommon behavior data signals from third-party sources with an external database. This database can be frequently updated and can provide insights anytime for ABM engagement or programmatic advertising.

    The ultimate goal of AI-driven solutions is to improve customer experience. AI-powered marketing majorly depends on the strength of data that companies can access because all AI solutions rely on good data to function accurately.

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