AU Optronics Corp. will participate in Touch Taiwan 2019 to showcase the TARTAN display technology, which is capable of customized low-volume and high-variety manufacturing, as well as a lineup of diversified smart retail solutions. At Touch Taiwan, AUO will demonstrate its hardware and software integration capabilities in exploring Online-To-Offline retail opportunities.

TARTAN Display Technology will Showcase Customized Flexibility
With the developing trend of smart transportation and smart retail, displays with specialized sizes have increased in demand due to various space constraints. With its accumulated panel development capability and manufacturing experiences as the foundation, AUO launches TARTAN display technology. Different from general stretched displays cut from 16:9 LCD panels, TARTAN display technology implements native photomask manufacturing processes which can maintain high quality and stability, as well as being customizable in size according to customers’ requirements. In addition, AUO also offers specialized industrial-grade displays which feature high brightness and durability, wide temperature liquid crystal, 24/7 operation, and low power consumption to support long-lasting operations, especially in harsh environments such as outdoors under strong sunlight.

The TARTAN video wall to be presented at the exhibition is comprised of stretched and square displays in various sizes from 28-inch to 48.5-inches. The LCD panels possess unique properties including multiple sizes to accommodate different application spaces and installation flexibility, which allows them to be placed at station platforms and in train cars to display transportation information and advertisements, or in retail stores and restaurants to broadcast product and discount information. The new form-factor displays yield better effectiveness in space usage and more possibilities for innovative designs to enhance the passenger and customer experience.

Intel® Smart Display Module to Realize High-Performance Integrated Solutions
Digital signage has become an essential and interactive communication medium in smart retail, and the ubiquity of AI and IoT technology accelerates the diverse applications of smart displays. AUO will present a complete series of smart displays supporting the Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM). A patented hybrid slot design is compatible with both the SDM-S & SDM-L models. The standard and small plug-in computing boards with powerful processing power can be easily installed into the displays. Paired with flexible designs including multi-gen Intel® processor and scalable performance support, it brings together easy installation, upgrades, and maintenance.