2020 is set to witness several innovations in AI along with many improvements in the AI systems that are currently being used.

A Glimpse to the Future of B2B Marketing: Trends to Watch For in 2020

AI marketing trends are expected to make an impact on the way agencies do business in 2020. From buyer profiling to real-time customer interaction, here are some of the top potential AI marketing trends marketers need to keep an eye on in 2020.

  1. Leverage AI for customer retention

Marketers need to leverage AI for customer retention and loyalty to create value for consumers and stakeholders. The opportunities are notably higher for retailers, manufacturers with DTC platforms, and with reliable CRM programs where merging data from many sources and can generate insights to understand how to bring customers back into the funnel.

  1. Prioritizing real-time customer interaction

AI holds exciting opportunities for marketing, owing to its ability to manage real-time customer interactions across several channels. Brands need to go the extra mile and modify their tactics in response to customer feedback.

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  1. Focus on voice search

2020 will see a significant increase in voice-search queries thanks to the rise in the suite of voice-powered AI like Siri and Cortana. Marketers will need to bank on this trend by tailing their content and SEO strategies around how consumers speak. They need to focus on conversational phrases like “How to make cookies?” rather than “cookie recipe.”

  1. Brand Referral

Marketers will need to watch out for brand association and referral through AI. With improved chatbots and voice assistants, the anticipation of needs will provide more opportunities for digital marketers and consumers.

  1. Buyer Profiling

Content creation, retargeting, customer segmentation, push notifications, and click tracking, are powered by AI. Marketers are using AI for product and campaign recommendations. They will also be able to use the intelligence for profiling buyers based on behaviors and actions. Additionally, in 2020 marketers will continue to use AI to improve customer service.