Mobile Advertising Increases 71% YoY, Says PubMatic Report

Mobile Advertising Increases 71% YoY_ Says PubMatic Report

The latest report from PubMatic has revealed that mobile advertising has increased significantly in Q2, 2020. The Q2 Quarterly Mobile Index states that mobile advertising spends increased globally 71% year-over-year despite the COVID-19 impact.

Mobile advertising recovered more quickly as compared to desktop advertising in the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. As per the report, mobile header bidding surged 20% over 2019 and pushed the mobile share of total header bidding to 59% in Q2. There was a 26% increase in in-app advertising from 2019, that surpassed even mobile web that surged by 18%.

The private marketplace (PMP) ad spends surged across all platforms, while the in-app growth was almost 5 times as compared to pre-pandemic levels. They have gained popularity amid the coronavirus crisis as they offer the flexibility and value of programmatic media buying, combined with more control

Source: Martechseries