SurveySparrow Launches 360 Degree Surveys to Strengthen Its Employee Experience Suite

SurveySparrow Launches 360 Degree Surveys to Strengthen Its Employee Experience Suite

SurveySparrow has announced the launch of its newest addition to its employee experience suite, the 360-degree assessment solution. As an employee-friendly solution, 360 surveys will help managers, leaders and individuals within an organization to get a better understanding of their strengths, blind spots and areas of improvement. It is an extremely helpful personal development tool that lets you measure behaviors, competencies and offer personalized reports that tell you how an individual is perceived by their colleagues, managers and reportees. This helps to overcome the information gap often found in the traditional performance review software, altogether.

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“With the launch of 360-degree assessments to SurveySparrow’s employee experience suite, our customers will be able to adopt a painless and continuous performance review process. From eNPS, to conversational pulse surveys, and automated check-ins, SurveySparrow’s employee experience suite has been exclusively focusing on refining various touchpoints in the employee life cycle. The 360-degree survey tool is intended to help incorporate the voice of employees into the experience programs, to boost team advocacy and retention effortlessly.” –Shihab Muhammed, Founder & CEO, SurveySparrow.

The traditional performance evaluation process follows the age-old practice that curtails the assessment to be just between the manager and the direct employee. Unfortunately, this outdated process omits valuable input from others who have had direct/indirect interaction with the assessed individual. Employee performance is crucial for the steady development of any organization and many overlook the significance to get an overall performance review from a variety of people including colleagues, reportees, stakeholders and more. The 360-degree assessments from SurveySparrow help to come out of the incompetently structured process and focus on the overall development of the teams.

As a rapidly growing experience platform with a primary focus on delivering end-to-end experience solutions, this new launch has helped SurveySparrow to strengthen the employee experience suite. While SurveySparrow’s other employee experience-oriented offerings like pre-hire forms, engagement surveys, exit-interview surveys and such are dedicated towards refining the employee journey, the 360-degree assessment platform is designed to let individuals create a personal development plan aligned to overall goals.

Launched in October 2017,  SurveySparrow introduced the world’s first chat surveys and has grown into an end-to-end experience management platform in less than three years. The conversational interface helps you collect up to 40% more responses and is more engaging than the plain, dull forms. Constantly expanding and adding more solutions into their experience management suite, SurveySparrow has a growing customer base of 20,000 and is determined to cross 40,000 by the year-end.