Catapult PR’s New 60-second Strategic Narrative Assessment Streamlines Feedback and Guidance on Company Messaging

Strategic Narrative Assessment

Catapult PR-IR , a narrative-driven public relations agency for B2B tech companies, today announced its new 60-second Strategic Narrative Assessment. To expedite the process, Catapult streamlined the assessment input questionnaire to take one minute or less. Individuals who complete the questionnaire receive a detailed analysis of their company’s external narrative in comparison with top competitors.

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“Having delivered many assessments for companies large and small, we realized the level of detail needed to complete the assessment was excessive,” said Guy Murrel, Chief Narrative Officer at Catapult. “It still takes a few hours for us to develop a detailed analysis from the assessment, but only a minute of time is now needed for users to complete the input form. You still get the same professional analysis that inspires fresh thinking and provides an outside, third-party perspective.”

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Each Strategic Narrative Assessment includes:

  • Detailed feedback and insights on overall company messaging as presented on users’ websites
  • A competitive analysis that examines how the user’s company’s narrative stacks up against its top competitors
  • A scorecard with a narrative ranking based on assessment results
  • Professional advice for strengthening the existing narrative

Catapult has helped dozens of companies in the Agile, DevOps, cloud management and tech industries lead market categories. Catapult’s Strategic Narrative Marketing services help companies revive ineffective positioning and messaging strategies by creating a cohesive narrative that is relevant and unique in the constantly changing tech world