DMI, a leading wholesaler of consumer-driven life and annuity products, announces the launch of its innovative and turn-key marketing solution to help financial advisors and life insurance agents grow their business by connecting them with more people on social media.

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Offered exclusively to DMI’s partner agents and powered by White Glove’s Social Connect platform, Social Simplified provides agents with a healthy mix of engaging content.  In addition to shareable news articles from well-known publications, agents will be provided with downloadable content, videos, infographics, and DMI custom-created content, like holiday messages. Content will be branded to the agent and published directly to their social media accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, all in a hands-off approach.

“With the Covid-19 virus keeping many consumers at home, it is important that we provide viable solutions to our agents as alternatives to in-person meetings and workshops and to also capitalize on this unique captive audience,” says Kaijsa Kurstin, VP Marketing at DMI.  Kurstin adds, “Many agents rely heavily on face-to-face meetings to connect with prospects and Social Simplified allows them to keep building those trusted connections, just in a virtual setting.”

Financial advisors and insurance agents will have peace of mind in learning all content, hand-selected and curated by DMI, is approved by its compliance team before auto-publishing to social accounts. The news articles, videos, and infographics selected are also FINRA and SEC-compliant. The marketing team at DMI will also provide agents with a content calendar at the beginning of each month, outlining exactly what will be auto-published and when.  This allows for agents, who may already be active on social media, to have a better idea of when posting their own personal messages or content.

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With 69% of U.S. adults on Facebook right now, Social Simplified will certainly aid agents in gaining new prospects, while improving on their customer retention. DMI will continue to contribute to the success of its advisors and agents by offering its marketing expertise and resources. Kurstin says, “We are committed to helping agents be successful in this new world of virtual-selling.”