Kinesso Announces Appointment of four new Regional CEOs

Kinesso Announces Appointment of four new Regional CEOs-01

 Kinesso , the connected intelligence company of IPG, today announced the appointment of four new Regional CEOs. The managers who previously held senior positions at Matterkind will be promoted to regional CEOs of Kinesso while also retaining their leadership responsibilities at Matterkind: Matt Ware in APAC, Andy Butters in EMEA, Jorge Chavez in LATAM and Sean Muzzy in North America. They will all be responsible for ensuring customers have a consistent, simplified experience of working with Kinesso and Matterkind. These companies work closely together as part of IPG’s data, technology and media enablement foundation.

The Regional CEO role was established to streamline support for Kinesso’s largest IPG partner, Mediabrands, and to capitalize on growth opportunities as Kinesso continues to expand its operations both inside and outside the IPG network. The appointment of leaders who have already worked in the region allows Kinesso to build on the strength of Matterkind’s existing international leadership team, which is well placed to lead the development and delivery of integrated solutions across the full range of Kinesso and Matterkind offerings lead.

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“The deployment of Regional CEOs fosters the type of horizontal integration that will drive additional innovation at Kinesso,” said Arun Kumar, Chief Data and Technology Officer at IPG and Global CEO at Kinesso. “Innovation happens everywhere. Matt, Andy, Jorge and Sean will provide us with a unified, global focus on the challenges we need to solve for our clients – including better connections between their martech and adtech – and will certainly be a catalyst for further growth for Kinesso and our clients be.”

“I’m very happy for Matt, Andy, Jorge and Sean,” said Erica Schmidt, Global CEO at Matterkind. “They already have a successful track record of leading Matterkind’s businesses in these regions and I am confident they will continue to do a great job in their new roles.”

The Regional CEOs will act as the single point of contact for services and solutions from Kinesso and Matterkind. Customers will benefit from the holistic solution packages and additional innovations that Kinesso and Matterkind are developing as part of their cross-functional and international cooperation.

The short biographies of the new regional CEOs of Kinesso can be found here .

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