In the next few years, AI and ML will play a key role in enhancing customer experience and how businesses are embracing digital transformation.

Facing an increasingly competitive market and high pressure to get it right, CIOs are increasingly turning to AI and ML to improve CX.

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Gartner predicts that by 2023, customers would prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions, up from 40% at present. The power of applied AI and ML has already spread across ITSM, IT operations, and customer service. There is an undeniable link between CX and employee experience. Several studies from some of the top research firms have established that investing in employee experience has a substantial impact on the overall CX, with a significant ROI.

Today, customers expect Omnichannel support as it is desirable and convenient for them; however, it creates new challenges for the company to ensure they use the latest technology to meet the high customer expectations. RPA and conversational AI are the two core technologies used by most of the companies as they help in offering dynamic as well as personalized CX. Both the technologies streamline the customer experience by proactively remediating common customer requests as well as inquiries. Marketers can garner quicker resolutions and a high rise in CSAT and NPS scores if they automate multistep conversations and understand customers’ broader intents, sentiments, and critical messages.

If companies are using conversational RPA, marketers need to make sure their team has the right controls and mechanisms to allow meaningful actions and progress. It is essential to sort and analyze which functions need to be automated and which ones should continue to be handled by the human workforce. Resolving customer issues via self-service, acing personalization and offering proactive as well as predictive support, are some of the ways to provide excellent and satisfying customer experience.

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Companies should avoid customer experience that feels “robotic” and ensure that the RPA solution presents a credible and positive interface. With mundane and repetitive tasks being taken care of by AI and ML, customer service teams can channel their creativity, passion, and imagination towards functions that provide higher value to the organization.