Uberall announces its partnership with TapClicks to support the increasing needs of marketers for omnichannel marketing analytics. The company can now utilize the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform to support different firms.  Kelly Benish, VP of North American Strategic Partnerships at Uberall, said, “We’re excited to empower our mutual reseller partners through our strategic partnership with TapClicks. This union will provide partners the ability to access their Uberall multi-location data directly from their TapClicks dashboard.”

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Noah Jacobson, TapClicks’s SVP of Corporate Development and Strategy, mention in a statement, “TapClicks is thrilled that Uberall has joined our partner program. Not only will this bring a wealth of benefits to our users, but it will also further drive the business impact of their industry-leading solution.”

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/marketing-analytics/uberall-partners-with-tapclicks-to-enhance-omnichannel-marketing-analytics/