Accelerates Enterprise Sales Prospecting and Forecasting with Their Latest Revenue Intelligence Release , Enterprise Sales Prospecting, Revenue Intelligence, creators of the Revenue Intelligence System™ powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), unveiled new capabilities focused on intelligent pipeline generation, prospecting, and forecasting. Fortune 500 companies undergoing digital and go-to-market transformation will be able to take advantage of the end-to-end solution for enterprise revenue operations, from pipeline generation, routing, reducing pipeline leakage, qualification, deal execution, and forecasting all the way into renewals, expansions, advanced revenue analytics, relationship, and interaction-driven prospecting capabilities. customers rely not only on the enterprise scalability of the platform but also on the company’s commitment to continuous innovation. Since inception, has filed 76 patent applications, with 70 of the patent applications expected to publish by the end of November as U.S. Patent Publications or International Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. 29 U.S. Patent Applications have already received Notices of Allowances and are expected to start issuing November 26, 2019.

The company continues to delight enterprise customers by releasing forward-looking capabilities that redefine how human engagement accelerates in business velocity.  In this latest release, aims to help customers double their sales win rates and drive revenue faster by delivering the industry’s most comprehensive Revenue Operations and Intelligence offerings.

Enabling New Levels of Forecasting Accuracy Intelligent Forecasting Package
Every enterprise revenue leader appreciates how critical it is to actively manage their pipeline and forecast accurately and with no surprises. The Intelligent Forecasting analyzes activity and persona engagement data for every opportunity and account to help sales teams identify which deals are likely to close and which are likely to fall out of the pipeline. then helps companies operationalize this insight through Opportunity Engagement Level, Deal Inspection, Pipeline Management, and optimize sales execution through The Wire.

Powering the Next Generation of Prospecting Intelligent Prospecting Package
In an intuitive and user-friendly interface, sellers are able to use the full breadth and depth of all personal and business connections and relationships within their organizations, to identify the next best leads in new target accounts, or additional executives to prospect into for existing opportunities and accounts, helping sales teams focus their time on precise and highly effective prospecting activities.

Real-time Relationship Prompts Champion Tracking
Enterprise buyers are 4x more likely to purchase the same product again, after a positive experience. In the past, sales teams have not had an easy or automated way to focus on previous buyers as their top priority leads. Using PeopleGraph™,’s proprietary map of the professional world, connecting professional entities and the knowledge that flows between them, Champion Tracking allows users to be notified when and where previous buyers, advocates, and champions have moved on to their next job.

“In many ways, the future of selling is already here. Aided by the right toolset, modern B2B sellers receive AI-generated recommendations to assist with in-the-moment personalization, get analytics to understand buyers’ sentiment, and receive proactive warnings when deals are at risk. Organizations that invest in these modern tools will benefit as their vendors extend and deepen their AI capabilities through organic and inorganic means,” wrote Mary Shea, Principal Analyst at Forrester, in the November 2019 report Building The Business Case For A Modern Sales Enablement Toolset.