Provi Unlocks New Distribution Category through Partnership with Sports Hydration Brand BioSteel

Provi Unlocks New Distribution Category through Partnership with Sports Hydration Brand BioSteel

Provi , the fastest-growing B2B eCommerce marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, announced today a new partnership with sports hydration company, BioSteel, to make their clean, healthy hydration sports drinks available for distribution through its platform. The partnership will be in effect through February 2023.

The alignment with BioSteel represents Provi’s first expansion into the non-alcoholic beverage space. With an extensive network of suppliers, distributors, and wholesale buyers, Provi’s innovative technology approach to beverage ordering will offer BioSteel traction with off-premise and on-premise buyers.

With a marketplace that has now been tested and proven for alcohol, Provi sees non-alcoholic and sports beverages as the next phase, providing –natural synergies for both Provi and BioSteel to leverage mutual target markets, including New York and California, as well as the ability to better service customers who place orders across categories.

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“We look forward to working with BioSteel to bring our customers even more options across the overall beverage category,” said Provi CEO, Taylor Katzman. “We know that business owners are looking for easier, streamlined solutions for product ordering and with a proven model for more efficient and affordable beverage stocking, non-alcoholic beverages are another step in helping our customers thrive.”

Provi provides a previously unavailable level of transparency for the beverage supply chain. From suppliers and distributors to bars and retailers, Provi helps businesses better serve customers by maximizing efficiencies through faster ordering and restocking processes. In fact, Provi has been proven to help 60% of its customers restock their bar in under five minutes using one full-service platform compared to past methods of multiple distributors, sales vendors and varied payment methods.

“As a company founded on innovation and transparency, BioSteel is thrilled to partner with a marketplace that shares our mission and approach to modern commerce,” said John Celenza, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, BioSteel. “We are excited to help unlock a new category for Provi as the first sports hydration drink on the platform, and together, we will be able to deliver clean, healthy hydration to customers nationwide.”

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