SparkPost Announces Inbox Tracker on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

SparkPost Announces Inbox Tracker on Salesforce AppExchange_ the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

SparkPost today announced it has launched Inbox Tracker on Salesforce AppExchange, offering deliverability analytics to users, enabling them to monitor and optimize their email marketing programs in real time to get more emails to the inbox.

A fully-integrated version of Inbox Tracker is now available to users via AppExchange, providing the ability to take action using real-time insights and deliverability data within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. SparkPost Inbox Tracker gives enterprises enhanced email campaign visibility and control, and access to a wide variety of email data and insights within Salesforce’s easy-to-use interface.

According to SparkPost deliverability data, nearly 20% of permission-based emails never reach consumers’ inboxes because they are filtered as spam/junk, which translates into huge missed revenue and engagement opportunities.

SparkPost’s Inbox Tracker solution, first developed in 2017, continues to provide advanced technology and customer support for email deliverability success including metrics for Inbox Placement; Deliverability by ISP, Domain, and Campaign; Authentication performance; Complaint, Blacklist, and Spam Trap Monitoring; and more. SparkPost’s holistic approach to email marketing execution and performance has enabled organizations, including Zillow and Twitter to use Inbox Tracker to improve email campaign deliverability.

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SparkPost Inbox Tracker
SparkPost Inbox Tracker email performance data will be available within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Its integrated Marketing Cloud application will allow users to harness the power of Inbox Tracker within their dashboard. SparkPost data provides enterprise users with the ability to monitor, evaluate, and optimize deliverability throughout a campaign in real-time allowing digital marketers to build email deliverability analytics into every part of the customer journey.

The Inbox Tracker-Journey Builder integration will further protect brands by including an all-inclusive authentication reporting platform to ensure optimal configuration and protection against phishing attacks. Users will also have access to the following:

  • A single platform for users supporting sending and deliverability analytics reduces the challenge of multiple systems and separate tools to monitor delivery and deliverability issues
  • Journey Builder Integration with custom activities that can help manage campaign execution using user-defined deliverability rules. Configurable domain thresholds give the flexibility to prioritize & access the data that matters most
  • Easily accessible and detailed email deliverability metrics from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard to monitor campaign and domain inbox placement and reputation

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