Home News MerlinOne Enhances Ad-hoc Reporting for Advanced DAM Insights

MerlinOne Enhances Ad-hoc Reporting for Advanced DAM Insights

MerlinOne Enhances Ad-hoc Reporting for Advanced DAM Insights

Merlin Reporting eliminates the guesswork associated with analyzing media library effectiveness, so teams can better control their content workflow and maximize their DAM ROI.

MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, announced today the release of Merlin Reporting, expanding its ad-hoc reporting dashboard to help customers achieve DAM success.

With Merlin Reporting, teams can now build their own custom reports or choose from a set of pre-built reports which measure content, system and user metrics to get the most out of their DAM. Reporting is a terrific tool to ensure adoption of the DAM, understand how your users are using your content, guide you in making the DAM more engaging, and optimize the economics of your content sources.

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“Most of our customers need to effectively show that their DAM is making a positive impact on business operations. As every company is different, this tool gives unique flexibility for customers to build any report they need within seconds,” said Pete Leabo, Director of Sales at MerlinOne. “When it comes to uncovering the value stream of the DAM and the content within it, it all comes down to yields in both resource time and cost savings. Merlin Reporting helps customers realize what’s working and not working so that they can swiftly adjust their content strategy and make improvements to their system to enhance its worth.”

Within Merlin Reporting, navigation is simple and facilitates deep exploration of the DAM and the contents within it. “For instance,” continues Leabo, “we have a customer that was interested in knowing how many photos they had of female, African-American students. With Merlin Reporting, this customer will be able to see exactly what assets they have that fit these criteria. They will be able to make informed decisions backed by tangible data to determine if they need to hire a photographer to take more photos of those students and fill in any holes within their media library.”

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Users will not be overwhelmed by the endless lists of cryptic fields because Merlin Reporting groups fields into useful and intuitive categories to make the building of reports effortless. Merlin Reporting provides immediate results that can be easily refined and dynamically generates meaningful charts and graphs to help stakeholders visualize the data more comprehensively.

With Merlin Reporting, customers now have the valuable business intelligence needed to get the most mileage out of their content while also maximizing the effectiveness of their Merlin DAM.