CTS Announces Cloud-Hosted Customer Portal For CBRS-based Private Cellular Network-as-a-Service

CTS Announces Cloud-Hosted Customer Portal For CBRS-based Private Cellular Network-as-a-Service

Communication Technology Services (CTS), an in-building and campus connectivity solution provider, announced the availability of the Customer Portal for the CTS Private Cellular Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). The proprietary Customer Portal integrates management and reporting feeds from the infrastructure components of the NaaS solution, including data from different OEM platforms, into a single pane of glass. It allows the customer to monitor one or more private cellular networks, as well as manage Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) that enable mobile devices to access the network. Previously, such an integrated experience was only possible with solutions that locked a customer into a single vendor.

Robert Cerbone, CTS Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, said, “The CTS Customer Portal eliminates the need to swivel between multiple network and radio management systems from different cellular OEMs to realize a best-of-breed solution. It provides a clean and simple view of private cellular network management without shoehorning the enterprise into a single-vendor solution which may sacrifice performance for convenience. The Portal allows CTS to work with all major cellular radio OEMs to select the optimal radio solution to meet each customer’s unique networking requirements.”

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The Private Cellular NaaS offering is part of the CTS suite of NaaS solutions that solve in-building connectivity needs. In addition to Private Cellular, the CTS NaaS portfolio includes Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Public Safety, Wi-Fi and SD-LAN solutions that enable the latest connectivity with little to no capital outlay and a predictable monthly expense. In addition, customers benefit from CTS’s two decades of experience running their mobile network infrastructure, ensuring network optimization and minimal downtime.

Kevin Gallagher, CTS Executive Vice President of Business Development, said, “The launch of the Customer Portal demonstrates the continued transformation of CTS from a wireless system integrator into an end-to-end managed service provider. Customers will get an integrated view into their NaaS while gaining the ability to select the best cellular infrastructure partners to meet their exacting demands. In addition, our innovative and flexible business models can fit into any company’s operating environment. We maintain stringent service levels for network performance leveraging the deep experience of our mobile networks operations team.”

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