MOYI Announces Market Research Collaboration with TopSocial in Effort to Further Expand Influencer Marketing Platform


Market research and data analysis company MOYI has partnered with India-based TopSocial to conduct ground-breaking market research on the dynamics and impact of the influencer marketplace. With more than 10,000 influencers now using its platform, TopSocial has emerged as an industry leader in India for connecting brands with social media influencers for the benefit of marketing campaigns.

“TopSocial is in the process of expanding its business model to additional countries due to its early adoption and high success rate for brands,” said MOYI DB manager Leah. “The extensive market research provided by MOYI will serve as a critical component towards that effort, to help them make informed, strategic decisions.”

TopSocial is a technology-driven marketplace that provides an opportunity for established influencers to leverage their influence and connect with brands, while simultaneously serving as a platform for leading brands to discover relevant influencers to help increase the ROI of their marketing efforts. To date, their network of 10,000+ influencers has a combined following of more than 25 million, and has already served more than 200 brands. Their expansive network includes a variety of influencer categories, from beauty and food to travel and parenting.

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With a heavy focus on the finance industry, MOYI is a leader in market research and data analysis with solid experience in cutting-edge technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning and automated data research pipelines. The company’s advanced technologies and industry expertise mean it can effectively and efficiently provide a comprehensive and innovative research plan for TopSocial to help ensure their successful expansion to other countries, as well as future market moves.

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