Salesforce Bringing Voice to the Workplace through its New Innovation – Einstein

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    Salesforce Bringing Voice to the Workplace through its New Innovation - Einstein

    Salesforce has announced the launch of the Einstein Voice project at the annual Dreamforce 2019 mega-conference in San Francisco.

    Einstein is Salesforce’s voice assistant, just like Google Assistant or Alexa, but with a more focused mission.  Einstein is designed to have access to Salesforce data through a voice that enables salespeople to feed data into Salesforce, saving time and effort. Salesforce has also ensured the system is accountable for the security needs of enterprises using a wide range of associated user personas.

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    The idea of voice in businesses will enable every business to have an AI guiding their business decisions and operations. This initiative will allow companies to rethink how humans interact with software and data. The real mission is to bring such AI tools to every business and not just limit to Salesforce’s executive meetings.

    To enable this, Salesforce will soon launch a tool that will allow any employee of the company to quickly build necessary Einstein skills to pull up the data from Salesforce. For now, these skills focus mainly on data input and relatively basic queries. This product is not as flexible as Google’s DialogFlow or Microsoft’s Azure Bot Services. But, the team is working on enabling the ability to have more complex dialogs with Einstein in the future.

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    There is, however, a catch. There are probably real use cases that every company has to define for itself before the adoption of this technology. Maybe some salespeople indeed want to use a voice interface for updating their CRM system after a customer meeting. Some of the other uses cases might seem far more compelling. For example, firms look forward to utilizing Einstein Voice to train call center employees by analyzing calls to pull out trends and insights from sales call transcripts. Now, it’s also launching Service Cloud Voice, which embeds telephony inside the company’s Service Cloud.

    Utilizing a built-in transcription service, Einstein listens to the calls real-time to proactively provide sales teams with relevant information. Such use cases generate far more value for companies than having just another voice assistant. It is better to rely on tools like Salesforce Einstein, for the time being, as it helps cut investment for training and skill development.

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