B2B Content Marketing – Top Consumptions by the Target Audiences

    B2B Content Marketing – Top Consumptions by the Target Audiences

    For a thriving lead generation, B2B marketers need to rely on actionable
    data to design buyer-oriented content marketing campaigns.

    B2B content marketers are continually generating new assets to resonate with their target
    customers. The latest research study revealed that eBooks could be the key material for
    reeling in prospects as well as new customers. NetLine Corporation has recently published
    its “2020 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers” after
    analyzing varied content interest and consumption data.

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    The study found that that the eBook was the most preferred type of content requested
    from the B2B content marketers (with more than 90%). It was followed by other B2B
    materials like a white paper, guide, and eGuide. Basically, both customers and prospects
    engage in a wide array of assets across the B2B ecosystem. The list also includes tips and
    tricks guide, report, webinar, etc.

    Undoubtedly, eBooks, white papers and guides have their unique set of differentiators as
    well as use cases for businesses to use. For instance, eBooks can be consumed to represent what a B2B company wants to feature – by making it functional for both content marketers and the target audience.

    How Covid-19 is shaping B2B Marketing

    Keeping in mind the modern consumers, most businesses are focussing on every level of
    their content marketing strategy. As per experts, B2B marketers need to realize that the
    data in use represents the real audience, and thus it is essential to value their intent and
    demand. This will eventually lead to the internal buying process and the purchase decision.
    Simply put, the easiest way to be on familiar terms with the audience is by realizing their
    requirement, keeping aside the profit margin – especially in such unprecedented times.

    According to the study, the kind of audience that is more engaging as per job areas are –
    Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, and Education. Similarly, the areas
    by seniority level are – Executives: C-Level, HR: Individual Contributor, HR: Manager, HR: Sr Employee, and IT: Manager.

    B2B Marketing Campaigns Should Focus on Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

    As noted in the report, “The Consumption Gap is the time between the moment content is
    requested, and the moment it’s opened for consumption.Mid-Level Leaders are Eager.
    Senior Managers and Directors were the most eager consumers in 2019, suggesting you’re
    better off targeting folks with more hands-on influence than simply going straight to the
    top. Conversely, professionals above the VP level are taking longer to engage with the
    content they requested across the board. Marketers need to be cognizant of that when
    responding, nurturing, and/or when reps reach out to these prospects.”