Customer experience trends that will help retain customers in 2021

    Customer experience trends that will help retain customers in 2021

    Marketing leaders acknowledge that the world of commerce has continuously changed, and evolution is a direct impact of the technological advancement

    CMOs say that 2020 taught the world the extent to which tech can shape the experience of a customer and how vital it is to ensure that the customer journeys remain frictionless.

    Consumer needs shift rapidly, and today, every factor is dynamic. Thus businesses need to adapt rapidly to meet the requirements of the clients. The final result regarding the success of an organization is reliant on how well they deliver value to the clients in the required manner.

    Leveraging AI as a customer insights tool

    CMOs believe that the words: easier, faster and smarter, will be defining 2021 expectations for CX. However, in the current scenario, businesses are working with lower headcount and budgets. The majority of the organizations are planning to decrease the number of their customer service teams as a direct impact of the present economic downturn.

    Providing a better customer experience entails more than solving just one-off problems. It involves a deep understanding of the context of the obstacles and helping customers with relevant services and options for solving the issues in a better place. This requires better anticipation, understanding of the intent of the customer and serving the correct experience at the correct time.

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    As more cognitive automation and artificial intelligence-based chatbots get deployed, many enterprises can use the insights to make the chatbots more helpful and smarter. At a more expanded reach than before, AI platforms have been increasingly integrated with chatbots and some other conversational interfaces. These devices can significantly reduce operational costs, and when connected with social messaging apps, the chatbots help retain old clients and bring in new ones.

    Focusing on humanization

    Despite consistent technology adoption, in accurate terms, the future of customer experience remains to be human. While organizations may implement chatbots, machine learning, and other tech to help handle the query volume, they are still required to listen to the clients and adjust the strategy based on what does and does not work for them. It is imperative to develop an emotional connection with the customers. This will be one of the most vital trends of 2021.

    A basic method to improve brand affinity and buying experience is to ensure that the personality of the chatbot echoes the message of your brand. In the traditional method, customers will expect organizations to meet the needs during every stage of the shopping journey. A personalized approach can encourage the clients to purchase more services and products.

    Understanding the workflow that represents the customer journey

    Technologies are helping not only the customers but also the workforce as well. A robust database that allows enterprises to harvest insights regarding customer behavior has remained the core of marketing strategies in 2021 as well. Coupled with the tools for connecting customer data with the workflow of the organization, businesses can ensure seamless and frictionless experiences throughout the journey.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such cloud platform that makes it easier for organizations to design, create and automate workflow by connecting backend systems and operations with frontline actions. Leveraging such technologies that are meant for line-of-business users compared to IT professionals, organizations can accelerate the pace of technology adoption across various departments.