Google rolls out Vertex AI Forecast for retailers

Google rolls out Vertex AI Forecast for retailers

Google on Tuesday unveiled the Vertex AI Forecast, a tool for marketers to help generate more accurate forecasts. The tool is part of a Vertex AI platform run by Google that was launched last year to help businesses deliver faster machine learning.

Vertex AI Forecast can import up to 100 million queue data sets from BigQuery or CSV files, compiling historical data for thousands of product lines. The tool automatically analyzes the data and scans hundreds of properties for different models to create a single model that should be easy to manage. Users can add up to 1,000 required drivers (such as color, product, promotion schedule, or e-commerce traffic statistics) and set a budget to create a forecast.

Google cited a number of customers who already use Vertex AI Forecast, including Lowe, which they use to create accurate hierarchical balance models between SKU and store-level forecasts.

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