Datawrkz Adds Amazon Audiences and Ad Inventory to Vizibl


Datawrkz has announced that advertisers can now use its self-serve demand-side platform, Vizibl, to access Amazon-owned audiences and inventory.

Vizibl is among the first to offer advertisers and agencies self-serve access to intent, behavioral, and demographic data available through Amazon.

Additionally, it can access inventory from several Amazon-owned websites and applications, such as Streaming TV, Twitch, and IMDB.

Datawrkz will enable mid-market brands and agencies to access Amazon’s audiences and inventory. This release aims to democratize ad tech and provide powerful functionality and expertise to mid-sized businesses.

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Advertisers can run their marketing campaigns effectively without any minimum spend requirements or long-term contracts.

They can target the right audiences precisely across the web through different types of ads, including connected TV, banner, video, and audio ads.

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