Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2024

    Programmatic Advertising Platform

    As programmatic ads combine with premium ad templates and inventory, publishers can deliver improved user experience and increased user retention. Both of these metrics eventually result in higher profits for publishers. Marketers must choose the programmatic ad platform that best suits their needs and budgets.

    Statista Programmatic ad spending stats study states,

    Statista Programmatic ad

    What are Programmatic Advertising Platforms?

    Programmatic advertising platforms enable the real-time automated auctioning of digital media or advertising space for purchase and sale.

    The platform retrieves advertisements from advertisers and strategically places them in the ad space, automating and streamlining the process that begins with publishers requesting ads.

    Programmatic advertising delivers impressions more efficiently and accurately by combining precise targeting techniques with traffic data. This results in improved ROI for both publishers and advertisers.

    How does Programming Advertising work?

    • The user accesses the website (publisher).
    • The website records impressions and auctions them off, along with pertinent user data (using Supply Side Platform).
    • Advertisers place bids for impressions (via a Demand Side Platform).
    • The highest bidder receives an impression, and the visitor will see their ads.

    The process delivers value.

    According to the 2023 State of Digital Marketing Survey conducted by ROI Revolution,

    2023 State of Digital Marketing Survey

    Types of Programmatic Advertising Platform  

    •   DSP, demand-side platforms: aggregates multiple ad exchanges, letting advertisers and networks bid on various ad inventory types in real-time.
    • Supply-Side Platforms: They connect with ad networks, exchanges, DSPs, and data management platforms.
    •  Ad networks: They connect publishers and advertisers. It matches publishers and advertisers to sell and buy ad inventory programmatically.
    •  Ad exchanges: These are programmatic platforms that help buy and sell ad space by aggregating ad networks, DSPs, and SSPs.
    •  Data Management Platforms (DMP): They organize, analyze, and activate first, second, and third-party data for targeted advertising.

     12 Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2024

    Here are some of the top programmatic ad platforms:

    • Adform

    Danish company Adform is a global Demand Side Platform designed for contemporary marketing. The DSP utilizes the scalable, modular, and open architecture of Adform flow, an enterprise technology, to facilitate the smooth management of the campaign cycle.

    • AdRoll

    It is a single platform for all things—one platform, one purchase, and one login. eCommerce brands can launch display ads, social media ads, and email campaigns using AdRoll as a single platform. It enables brands to offer a streamlined marketing DSP platform that saves time and increases revenue.

    • Trade Desk

    It is a media buying platform designed to advertise to audiences worldwide through the open internet.

    • Xandr

    Xandr is an international marketplace for premium advertising and a data-enabled technology platform. It provides advertisers with improved buying strategies, increased efficiency, access to supply and demand, tailored services, and access to identify solutions for publishers.

    • Adobe Advertising Cloud

    It is an independent ad network that uses various brand-safe, transparent, and independent similar data sources. In addition to providing holistic planning, buying, managing, and optimizing, it lets you create cohesive, well-coordinated end-to-end ad stack campaigns.

    • MediaMath

    It gives advertisers total control over marketing while allowing them to work flexibly and produce successful multichannel campaigns.

    • Criteo 

    With the Commerce Media Platform, Criteo is a supply-side platform that aids in developing, scaling, and activating first-party audiences. Additionally, the website offers advertisers’ and publishers’ shopper graphs to help them better understand their target market.

    • PubMatic

    It offers the future supply chain for digital advertising. Their customized solution uses specialized infrastructure designed to provide flexible and scalable innovation.

    They help drive results and provide control by offering inventory, data, and insights. They process 1.2 trillion bids from advertisers daily and 3.3 petabytes of data.

    • Ad Exchanges

    An ad exchange is a marketplace where media advertising inventory can be bought and sold. These inventories come from various ad networks and comprise Display, Media, and Mobile. Real-time bidding is the basis for inventory prices.

    • SmartyAds

    SmartyAds is the Full Stack Programmatic Advertising Ad Scale for publishers and advertisers that helps them prioritize trades, streamline operations, grow their business, and meet their objectives. They provide a special White Label Solution platform for data activation, media buying, and selling.

    • Smaato

    Smaato is a digital ad tech platform that provides monetization and accessible ad servers. For publishers and advertisers, The Smaato offers the option to make your own without charging an ad serving fee. It employs an Omni Channel strategy leveraging human and automated expertise to support all devices, environments, and ad formats.

    • OpenX 

    OpenX is a 100% cloud-based exchange with the most effective tech stack available, setting it apart in the industry. They cover all device types and formats at scale, aiding audience creation, optimization, and bid guidance. With OpenX, firms can reach, identify, and interact with audiences at every stage.

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    Programmatic advertising offers the significant benefit of automating nearly all advertising tasks. These platforms have emerged as a fundamental component of the contemporary marketing sector due to their comprehensive functionalities. Marketers must consider these platforms to enhance and future-proof their digital marketing efforts.

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