The 4A’s and Reset Digital Launch Universal Inclusion™

The 4A's and Reset Digital Launch Universal Inclusion™

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), the leading U.S. trade association for the advertising and marketing communications industry, announced today that it has partnered with Reset Digital, a platform in next generation neurocognitive marketing technology, to launch Universal Inclusion™.

Utilizing Neuro-Programmatic™ technology (a patented context resonance software), Universal Inclusion™ is a programmatic platform designed to improve the representation of people of all identities in video brand messaging.

By identifying deeper neurocognitive and anthropological frameworks that better match individuals’ motivations and beliefs, Universal Inclusion™ helps ensure that advertising messages and subsequent placements will effectively resonate with their target audiences, resulting in greater ROI and marketing efficacy for the brand.

“Universal Inclusion™ offers brands the opportunity to effectively connect with their consumers on a more personal and psychologically accurate level,” said Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO of the 4A’s. “There have been systemic issues in the way media is measured, researched, and experienced for a long time, and it became clear that many audiences, particularly those in BIPOC communities, were not being accurately represented in the advertising that was targeted to them.

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Through this initiative, the goal is to improve connections between brands and the audiences they serve by helping advertisers mirror people the way they want to be portrayed.”

“In today’s day and age, consumers expect a more developed point of view from brands,” said Charles Cantu, Founder and CEO of Reset Digital. “People want to engage with brands that share their values, know who they are, and frame how their product applies to them in an authentic way.

We created Universal Inclusion™ to help bridge the long existing gap between the research and strategy that is applied to deliver clear understanding to brands so that they can reach people legitimately and treat them how they prefer to be treated.

What’s more, algorithms that sort consumers into targeted groups can be biased. By utilizing our Neuro-Programmatic™ Need States and Motivations, marketers now have access to the tools and rules that allow them to honor and activate their commitments to reach and represent their consumers in an inclusive way. We’re excited to be able to share a product that is more effective, efficient and does the right thing for all of humanity.”

Top global brands, agencies and publishers, including MilkPEPdentsu, and Horizon Media will partner on Universal Inclusion as a first step in creating greater empathy and inclusion in their client’s overall campaign messaging and media. FreeWheel, a Comcast Company, also joins as the core technology partner powering this new industry solution by enabling programmatic linear for the first time.

The 4A’s and Reset Digital are also working with Amazon Web Services who will improve the science and infrastructure of the platform, leveraging high performance computing and AWS Machine Learning services to ensure precision at scale.

Added Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, “We are excited to partner with Reset Digital and the 4A’s around this landmark effort to find a scaled solution to understanding and reaching all people at a deeper level of needs and motivations, bringing together both human wisdom and machine learning to help advertisers match content and context in a more impactful way. This is an exciting opportunity for marketers to adopt an industry standard that will help guide advertising’s complex social landscape for years to come.”

On this collaboration, Mike Law, US President, dentsu’s Amplifi said, “It’s a vital time for meaningful progress in media, and we’re excited to be partnering with Reset Digital and the 4A’s to help champion rigorous efficiencies in diversifying media. Universal Inclusion is an inclusive marketing technology platform that allows brands to be bold and embrace people of all identities through video brand messaging and we can’t wait to see how it helps make real change.”

Added Horizon Media’s SVP, Performance Media & Innovation, Maikel O’Hanlon, “Neuro-programmatic technology represents an elevated form to literally reset the framework of audience segmentation, creative development and buying algorithms that have not served an inclusive media approach historically. Horizon Media is a big supporter of the power to unite brands and customers with messaging and context rooted in empathy, inclusion and human agency for all.”

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