RazHer Collaborative Unveils Strategic Partnership with VizSense


RazHer Collaborative, a women-owned, full-service marketing agency for BIPOC-founded and mission-driven brands, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Dallas-based VizSense, an AI-driven consumer insights company focused on influencer solutions. As part of the partnership, RazHer Founder and CEO Kristen Standish has been named CEO of VizSense, effective today, as Dr. Jon Iadonisi steps into the role of Chairman of the Board. RazHer Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Bell will now serve as RazHer’s Managing Director, with support from founding employees such as Lily Gillis, who will run account partnerships and build the bridge for the partnership with VizSense.

In 2015, with a bold fusion of social science and computer science, Dr. Jon Iadonisi founded VizSense, a company that today stands at the forefront of the influencer marketing industry. By enabling RazHer Collaborative to offer the most advanced AI influencer capabilities, both companies are poised for growth. As the new CEO of VizSense, Kristen Standish brings a formidable blend of expertise and success in Influencer Relations, Media, and Software as a Service. Since Kristen founded RazHer two years ago in November 2021, she and the team have seen value in combining best-in-class technology with influencer and marketing know-how to meet the specific needs of brands and organizations. VizSense brings to RazHer its technology to match a client’s core values and mission with that of the content creators almost instantly. “This is truly a game changer for RazHer’s clients and influencer marketing as a whole,” Standish said.

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“Both companies provide uniquely distinct capabilities that will be combined to produce an unmatched value for all clients,” said Iadonisi. “RazHer has been able to assemble and activate content creators to reach specific audiences in a meaningful way for brands. RazHer gives access to authenticated influencers, but now with our technology, the ability to analyze and optimize influencer marketing performance will be unmatched. Our campaigns will undoubtedly move the needle for clients.”

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