ON24 Introduces Virtual Conference Professional to Execute Large-scale Digital Events Faster

ON24 Introduces Virtual Conference Professional to Execute Large-scale Digital Events Faster-01

Leveraging digital events to engage with customers and prospects is a top priority for companies across many industries. To help organizations quickly deliver large-scale virtual experiences, ON24 (NYSE: ONTF) today announced ON24 Virtual Conference Professional (Pro) for all types of live and on-demand digital events. Virtual Conference Pro enables easy, self-service set-up of interactive, multi-session, and multi-day global events for up to thousands of attendees. Now marketing teams can get digital environments up and running quickly to deliver engaging virtual experiences that deepen customer relationships.

The addition of Virtual Conference Pro builds upon the success of Virtual Conference Enterprise used today by customers, making leading ON24 virtual event solutions accessible to a broader set of customers. Marketing teams now have greater flexibility and choice to run the event they want with the solution that best fits their needs.

“Events are core to our digital-first strategy and reaching global audiences,” said Jack Foster, vice president of global demand generation and marketing operations at SurveyMonkey. “ON24 allows us to create interactive experiences that enhance audience engagement and give us rich analytics and data to build stronger, lasting connections with our customers.”

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Marketing teams often rely on general-purpose online meeting and video conferencing tools that are difficult to scale and not designed to create content-rich, interactive experiences. Virtual Conference Pro allows organizations to quickly stand-up customized events that drive audience engagement through highly interactive event sessions and networking opportunities.

Easy-to-use self-service templates and tools, as well as expert support, make it easy to set-up a comprehensive, large-scale event environment that includes custom event tracks, multimedia content, and personalized attendee experiences. Interactive capabilities such as attendee networking, requesting a meeting or demo, chat, and surveys give marketing multiple ways to engage customers and track interest and buying readiness. Integration of audience engagement data with marketing automation tools and CRM also help prompt effective sales follow-up.

Both editions, Virtual Conference Pro and Virtual Conference Enterprise, provide enterprise-class security and integrations with the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, including ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Connect. Virtual Conference Enterprise is a fully configurable edition to tailor attendees’ access to content, execute localized regional events in real-time, and leverage gamification capabilities to enhance audience engagement – all with full-service support for seamless event production and execution.

“Delivering personalized, interactive engagement at a much larger scale is a business priority,” said Cynda Covert, events and tradeshow advisor senior at FIS. “With ON24, we can create the virtual environment we want and deliver the immersive digital experiences that best engage our customers.”

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