My Size Integrating MySizeID into e-Commerce Platform of Tricorp, a Leading European Workwear Supplier

My Size Integrating MySizeID into e-Commerce Platform of Tricorp_ a Leading European Workwear Supplier

Tricorp offering MySizeID to its customers and distributors; goal to provide contactless fitting solutions amidst COVID-19 pandemic

By using MySizeID, Tricorp aims to reduce the number of returns and decrease CO2 emissions

My Size, Inc. (the “Company” or “My Size”) (TASE: MYSZ), the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, today announced that Tricorp, a leading European workwear supplier, is integrating the MySizeID widget into their e-commerce platform with a goal to increase conversions and decrease returns. Tricorp is also offering MySizeID to their distributors, as a contactless solution for fitting sessions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ruud Kuijpers, CFO of Tricorp stated, “At Tricorp, our goal is to be progressive, innovative and at the forefront of the workwear market while providing the best fitting workwear in a sustainable and safe manner. Most of our customers have to be measured for their workwear uniforms, which is done by us or our distributors. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we wanted to provide our distributors and customers with a contactless measurement solution that will enhance safety, while increasing conversions and reducing returns. MySizeID not only improves operating costs, it’s also environmentally friendly since it helps avoid unnecessary returns and shipping, which is also aligned with our mission of reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.”

Ronen Luzon, CEO of My Size Inc., commented, “We are pleased to work with Tricorp, an innovator in the workwear industry. The global workwear market, valued at approximately $30 billion, represents a significant market opportunity for the MySizeID measurement solution. The measure-to-wear market, such as the workwear market, is highly customized and requires wearers to submit their own measurements in order for their workwear to be appropriately tailored. By using MySizeID, consumers can safely measure themselves and find their right size and fit without having to come in contact with others. MySizeID was designed to improve retailers’ revenues, lower their operating costs, while improving the consumer’s shopping experience and enhancing sustainability.”