Infobase and Vault Select the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Insights

Infobase and Vault Select the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Insights

BlueVenn, the multi award-winning Customer Data Platform and Journey Orchestration vendor, has announced that Infobase, America’s leading cloud-based subscription provider of educational content through high-quality video and database resources to colleges and universities, K-12 schools and enterprises, has chosen its multi-channel marketing technology to improve customer insights across the business, and empower the marketing team with the tools to create highly personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

The deal also includes, a subsidiary of Infobase providing career information and solutions for professional and students, who will also be using the BlueVenn technology to understand their customer data better and the ability to ask analytical questions with greater efficiency and reduced manual labour.

Paul Skordilis, CEO at Infobase, said:

“Our business provides over 90 streaming video and reference databases which powers distance learning and blended classrooms across the world. Our educators and students rely on Infobase for factual, timely information they can trust. With BlueVenn, we can structure all our data and make it instantly available for analytics and insights, enabling us to query our data quickly, while also ensuring the marketing team can orchestrate campaigns and report on the results more easily.”

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn, said:

“The B2B Customer Data Platform market is a confusing one with many B2B CDP vendors coming from the ABM advertising market or claiming ancillary functionality that does not meet the true definition of a CDP to unify, cleanse and standardize customer data. Until recently, CDP technology has been perceived as just a B2C tool, which is just simply not true, with B2B organizations like Infobase who need to rely on trustworthy, clean and structured data, as well as the tools to analyze and activate that data wherever and whenever they need it. BlueVenn is one of a few CDPs that can meet the requirements of B2B organizations as it does for B2C, which makes it an ideal choice. I see CDPs as becoming central to B2B enterprises, and we look forward to a long a successful relationship with Infobase and”